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I work as a Business Analyst for startups that are in the growth phase where I help them to move towards the expansion phase along with the latest team-building techniques and most advanced technology trends. I practice product and project management while taking care of code level, architecture, QA and team management. Some of my key skills are UX design, road mapping the company vision to a product, sprint planning, agile implementation, design thinking, API architecture and many other related superpowers.

I like being a product manager as it keeps my mind on a power run, where I learn new technologies and ways to build products that customers love. I believe in making ways out of uncertainties and convert them to certain steps for the team.

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My specialty is building businesses with a professional presence online. I am passionate about helping smaller entrepreneurs create their online identities and also love to manage large corporate products with custom tasks and upgrades.

Planning & Consultation

The days were just having a website was good enough is over. Goal-oriented and focus on engaging visitors to maximize your online potential.

Road Mapping

Over 5 years of combined experience in the industry - Zappster helps produces clean, modern designs with the latest coded architecture and a solid foundation.

Marketing Strategy

Increase visibility with organic online promotion. Social media exposure, brand awareness, rich content are all avenues of a well-sculpted marketing strategy.


I can handle the technical aspects and latest demands of your website. From updates, hosting, domain management, board requirements, Technical Team, backups, and more.

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I really enjoyed my journey in these organisations and projects and learn with them so far!!

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